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Working Style 

My aim is to capture your special day as it happens, and as naturally as possible. I make a conscious effort to remain non-intrusive, so you and your guests feel at ease. This allows me to capture those genuine emotions, smiles and laughter, which tell the story of your day.  


The equipment I use is small and lightweight. This allows me to move around freely and discreetly, capturing a wide variety of shots. I shoot with zoom lenses so I can capture the day's events from a distance. You won't even know I'm there!  

Film Style 

My film style falls under Short Form; A highly edited, cinematic film that combines all the most important parts of your day while highlighting the sincere emotions captured. The vows, the laughter, the smiles, tears of happiness, canapés, dad jokes, dancing, cake eating, and champagne drinking. I aim to produce a beautiful, powerful story that mirrors the emotional journey of the day. 

It would help if you thought of my films as cinematic time capsules, designed to memorialise the most special day of your lives so future generations for years to come can feel what it was like to be a part of your special day


I am always open to taking new ideas on board, I love to keep my work fresh and vibrant and deliver films my clients adore. If you have any ideas of your own please Contact me. I'd love to find out exactly what you want out of your wedding film. 

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